Open bubble tea shop, have you finded out the relationship between milk, evaporated milk and non dairy creamer yet?

Open bubble tea shop, have you finded out the relationship between milk, evaporated milk and non dairy creamer yet?

Many customers ask about the alternate of milk, evaporated milk and non dairy creamer, today I simply summarize their characteristics and uses here.


For milk, the  targeted and plasticity of bubble tea or other drinks is not strong, why?

The first is cost reasons, milk because of its high price, the demand for a single cup is greater, often caused by the high cost of a single cup, beverage and general stores for various expenses, can bear the cost of it in 1-2 yuan, the highest not more than 2.5 yuan, the cost of inviting this thing do not think many shopkeepers can accept;

Second, the applicability of milk is very low,  why? Drinking milk is generally very high water content, relatively low creamy, often makes a milk tea not enough milk flavor, and even some products will appear faint smell;

Finally, the milk's shelf life is very short, generally only a few days, while the beverage shops often purchase the raw materials in  bulk,  there is some uncertainty in sales, so the shorter the shelf life of materials, tend to be the larger the amount of cost, which undoubtedly is sum of expenditure. In short, not to say milk is bad, but milk applicability is not high, though relatively healthy, cost is very high.

Milk is relatively suitable for home making.

Evaporated milk 

For evaporated milk, let's see what is the evaporated milk? It features are low moisture, milk flavor relatively strong, longer shelf life than the milk.

Evaporated milk  is divided into two types, one is a full-fat evaporated milk, that is the milk after distillation; other is a non dairy evaporated milk, made of the related substances extracted from vegetable fat, and substantially the same as the ingredients of non dairy creamer, the trans fatty acid of some brands of evaporated milk or even higher than the content of the non dairy creamer.

Although the milk flavor of evaporated milk is more rich than milk, but it has not reached the demand of milk flavor for bubble tea drinks, because we do commercial drinks, taste and palatability are very important, and generally evaporated milk can not  meet this requirement if not increamse the dosage, so evaporated milk is more suitable for making Hong Kong-style milk tea, not other drinks.

Non dairy creamer

Non dairy reamer is the thing fat (ie vegetable oil) extracted, the advantages are milk flavor rich, low cost, applicability is very wide (almost all milk production deployment flavored drinks and desserts), the disadvantage is low in nutrients, and most dairy creamer trans fatty acid content exceeded.

Speaking of trans fatty acids, there is need to piont out that, although trans fatty acids is harmful, but not so terrible as many people imagined, if they do not exceed a certain standard, will not have much effect on the body, that so-called "zero trans fatty acids" is not a true "zero", but refers to an amount within the standard range, the milk we usually drink contains a 4% -9% of trans fatty acids too.

About non dairy creamer, many negative media coverage, better non dairy creamer now basically is "zero trans fatty acids", to some extent, can be safely use.
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