You need a comprehensive look at the non dairy creamer, if you like milk tea

You need a comprehensive look at the non dairy creamer, if you like milk tea

If no non dairy creamer, no today's bubble tea/milk tea industry in China, even in Taiwan. However, it is always accompanied with a variety of negative news, up to this day, many bubble tea people is still shouting "NO non dairy creamer", making bubble tea/milk tea industry into a "No non dairy creamer era."
What makes the whole society feeling scared on the non dairy creamer? In fact, many bubble tea people know little about non dairy creamer, at just raised machetes, non dairy creamer may be a wronged dead.

Non dairy creamer was originally intended to replace milk

Non dairy ceamer produced by the primary objective was instead of milk (or cream) to add to coffee. When hydrogenated vegetable oil just appeared, it was found that the hydrogenated soybean oil instead of milk can be the perfect solution to the problem, not only taste similar, and can make the whole coffee system more stable.

Thus, in 1950, Presto company officially launched the world's first non dairy creamer products, then non dairy creamer gradually been widely accepted worldwide.
Non dairy creamer, this proper nouns was first called out in Taiwan,  in United States and Europe, non dairy creamer this product is called "creamer", but those who like things white chyle, foreigners call it cream, such as whipped cream, face cream, medicine cream and so on. In abroad, "creamer" can not be directly linked to dairy products like Chinese "milk".

Creamer is divided into solid and liquid 2 kinds. Solid creamer is also commonly referred to as "non dairy creamer" , and the liquid creamer is usually referred to as "butter ball", "whipped milk", "coffee mate" and so on. Whether it is solid or liquid creamer, its fat comes from vegetable fat extraction.

The biggest problem of non dairy creamer is trans fatty acids

We need to sort out the ingredients of non dairy creamer: non dairy creamer is an artificial concoctions, the formulas from factories may have something similar, but not exactly the same, but the main ingredient is similar, are syrup, casein, hydrogenated vegetable oil, anti-coagulant, mineral salts, glucose syrup, emulsifiers and so on.

Should be mentioned that, casein is extracted from milk powder. During the extraction of milk powder, produce 80% casein, 20% whey protein. Casein is the role of emulsifier and foaming agent. Casein enables creamer  can play good milk foam after add into coffee, and it also provides some similar milk taste and flavor. It should be noted that the fat in creamer is not derived from milk or milk powder,  but mainly come through hydrogenated vegetable oils. In all, "creamer without milk" this view is inaccurate.

In the process of extraction plant proteins from hydrogenation of vegetable oil,  trans fatty acids this monster appeared. Trans fatty acids have cardiovascular stress caused by long-term excessive consumption will cause harm to the body, this is the main harm of creamer. However, trans fatty acids are widely present in nature, even in breast milk also have this guy's shadow, and we eat cooking can also find some trans fatty acids. It is understood that trans fatty acids in milk accounts for about 4-9%, and the total fatty acids in human milk accounts for about 2-6%.

Even the bubble tea insiders know little about non dairy creamer, under the incomprehension of production process and ingredients, non dairy creamer is exaggerated or distorted by public comments,  were persistent reports demonized,  and finally make the whole society feel scared about non dairy creamer, hope to kill this product.

Non dairy creamer is necessary to enter the era of zero trans fatty acids

Development of the world in the food, without exception, in the direction of health and natural, as the tea industry, we also need to take advantage of this trend. Conversely, we grabbed hold of public opinion is the reason why, in the final analysis flawed on some of our raw materials.

In Case creamer. We are currently in widespread use in the creamer, trans fatty acids, or a lot more than 10%, the content is relatively high, individual creamer trans fatty acid content as high as 25% or more.
What is this concept? Cup of tea with 500ml, for example, the creamer is generally used 40 grams, 10% of trans fatty acids to calculate that a cup of tea in trans fatty acids up to 4 grams.
Chinese national standards issued by the Ministry of Health in 2011, "GB28050-2011" mentioned :( Chinese people) daily intake of trans fatty acids should not exceed 2.2g, trans fatty acid intake should be less than the total daily energy of 1 %. The content of the cup of tea of the day may be more than the upper limit of intake.

If the United States provides per serving of trans fat content of 0.5g or less, and do not indicate trans fat content, while China's standard per 100 grams of food in less than 0.3 grams of trans fat content does not have to mark, which is why some marked "0 trans fatty acids" on the nutrition Facts creamer, which creamer trans fatty acid content of less than 0.3%, is not it does not.

Trans fatty acid content is "0" creamer we call "zero trans creamer." Also a cup of tea to a paragraph zero trans creamer, for example, in an amount of 0.27%, 40 grams a cup of tea creamer production, the trans fatty acid content of 0.108 grams, according to the national guidelines, continuous drinking 20 Cup to reach the upper limit of the requirements, it is clear, in reality, in addition to hard to force the tea research and development staff, no one would do it.
Zero price difference between the anti-creamer and zero trans is not large, the main difference in taste. Currently Zero Trans creamer in taste better and better, replace all non-zero anti times far off.
Bubble tea industry most likely to be caught out was creamer and pearls, pearl tapioca flour is the main ingredient, as demonized as rubber soles like the rumor is not credible. Creamer is different, the existence of a need to raise the issue, if all of the creamer evolution to Zero Trans era, was criticized handle greatly reduced.
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