What can creamer(butterball) be used in?

What can creamer(butterball) be used in?
Non dairy creamer is indispensable companion for coffee. it can reconcile acidity, bitterness, make coffee taste more smooth .actually it is not only used as coffee mate,but for more:
Homemade mik tea
First, a 150ml cup of hot water, then placed in a bag of tea bag, soak 2 minutes later two love butter ball, according to your taste and then add the appropriate sugar, then stir, mellow tea is ready!in summer propose to add a few ice cubes to make it taste better Oh ~!

Fruit salad
Fruit is always a woman's love, the best meal replacement product for woman! Try to prepare a bunch of bananas, apples, grapes, watermelon ......  cut them into small pieces to make a fruit platter, and then evenly sprinkle creamer ball on the fruit platter, and finally freez for a while. colorful, sweet and juicy, definitely a feast of color, flavor and taste!

Hong Kong-style desserts
If you are a dessert control, try to learn some of the video to produce their own healthy dessert! Sago Monday, Tuesday taro, mango Wednesday, Thursday pudding, paste Friday, after the completion,according to your taste plus one or more butterball, mellow milk flavor will make it with an endless savour.

Special soup
Summer, if you do not want to eat or whether you are to lose weight,a bowl of red bean or bean soup or a bowl of corn chowder are excellent, with a free of trans fatty acids butterball, delicious and healthy!
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