Non dairy creamer and Health

Non dairy creamer, also known as creamer, coffee mate, which is hydrogenated vegetable oil, starch syrup, sodium caseinate, emulsifiers, thickeners, etc. as the main raw materials, formulated, emulsification, sterilization, spray drying and made a new type of food. The so-called hydrogenated vegetable oil, vegetable oil refers to unsaturated fatty acids, by catalytic
(Hydrogenation) reaction, into a saturated or semi-saturated fatty acids. The main fatty acids in vegetable oils are unsaturated fatty fatty acids, low melting point, liquid at room temperature, poor stability through hydrogenation after the hydrogenation of unsaturated bonds so that the saturation is to improve the melting point of the vegetable oil, so increase the stability of the oil, and used in food processing.
Dairy creamer has good solubility in water, in water to form a homogeneous liquid milk, it can improve the internal organization of the food, flavor and taste enhancers butter, delicate taste, lubrication thick, rich and creamy. It is because of creamer with these characteristics, it has a special role in food production and processing, but also a new kind of food. Creamer current application is very extensive, in milk drinks, plant protein drinks, solid drinks, cold drinks, baked goods, jelly, coffee drinks, instant oatmeal, cakes and other aspects of a wide range of applications, keep food color, smell and taste flavor and taste characteristics, to meet consumer demand.

Years old when the production process creamer hydrogenated vegetable oil in the hydrogenation process produces trans-fatty fatty acids. But with the development of modern science and technology, currently in the creamer production process can be controlled trans fatty acids produced by the production technology, it does not contain trans fatty acids. For trans fatty acids, the expert studies have shown that only long-term excessive intake of trans fatty fatty acid, will be on human health have a greater harm. Trans fatty acids include monounsaturated trans fatty acids and polyunsaturated trans fatty acids, the chemical structure corresponding to one or more non-conjugated double bond configuration.

Long-term intake of trans fatty acids had the most, enabling increased LDL, high-density lipoprotein decreased, thereby increasing the risk of hardening of the arteries, heart disease, cerebrovascular accidents and other diseases, therefore, European and American countries have put forward their intake the maximum limits or requirements shall be identified. Such as Denmark requirements do not exceed 2% of Australia requires less than 3%, France requested 3.8% or less, the Netherlands and Sweden requested below 5%, the United States and Canada require trans fatty acid content of labeling, but countries do not have a unified standard, China is not the relevant standards.

Currently, the network news media and over-amplification, speculation hazards of trans fatty acids fatty creamer, causing consumers to panic, we should be rational, scientific look at this issue. US FDA and WHO and other agencies believe that, even if the normal daily intake of 2g of trans fatty acids is still no significant impact on human health. At the end of the perfect company nutritious meals whipped peptide algae nutrition powder used in the product, the raw material used in the production of advanced production technology, the control of trans fatty acid production, raw material does not contain trans fatty acids. The company has formulated strict technical standards of raw materials and control measures to ensure that products do not contain trans fatty acids.
Two products by the Guangzhou Analysis and Testing Center for testing, the results were not detected (detection line is 5mg / 100g).
According to nutrition labeling regulations, trans fatty acid content ≤0.3%, the nutrition label may be marked as 0, therefore, our nutritional meals, peptide algae nutrition powder products are safe, long-term consumption can be assured.
Creamer in our food regulations allowing the use of a novel food ingredients, the state promulgated the relevant standards, the end of the production and use whipped must follow the national standards. As long as no long-term consumption of food containing trans fatty acids high end of whipped food on human health is no effect, people can be eliminated by the news media over the network and stir fear.
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